Wick Youth Club

Serving the Community since 1976

How to Get Involved?

There is a variety of volunteering opportunities on offer with us. Your role as a volunteer can be as varied or as simple as you wish. The manager will discuss with you the different aspects and you will be able to commit to as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

We appreciate that abilities, experience and interests have a role to play and welcome volunteers from all walks of life. Each role is of equal importance to the eventual outcome to which we all strive. For opportunities, just look below! To get in contact with us, just fill out the contact form on the 'Contact Us' page!


Every volunteer under the age of 25 we encourage to sign up to the Saltire Award scheme so they can be awarded with certificates and YoungScot points. These certificates look great on a CV and impresses employers. For volunteers who are with us for a while and/or over the age of 25, we offer a scheme similar to the Saltire Awards but this is exclusive to the club and will look good on a CV. Our manager will happily provide you with a reference should you need one.


Juniors Night:

If you are aged 15 and over and would like to volunteer with children, we provide a service for primary school children every Wednesday night where volunteers are welcomed. There is a variety of activities you can undertake such as sports, crafts, dance and serving in the tuck-shop kiosk.


Rosebank Playing Fields Kiosk (1st April – 1st October)

We manage an outdoor leisure facility in Wick which has various outdoor activities for all ages. Duties involved are manning the kiosk (hiring out equipment and selling drinks, snacks etc), setting up various sporting activities including the bouncy castle, attending to the general upkeep of the pavilion and any other areas used by the public and management of the public, particularly children.

For more information, visit our website on the facility.